Health benefits of fruits and vegetables – Health Tips in Tamil

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Health benefits of fruits and vegetables – Health Tips in Tamil

The greatest medication from magnificence to health for younger girls lies in the peel of vegetables and fruits. You might not imagine however it’s the fact and in this video we’re going to see relating to this. Normally fruits and vegetable are nutritious and their peel additionally incorporates many vitamins. Due to the poor hygiene and addition of chemical substances we discard the peels. Let us talk about what are the differing types of nutritions in varied fruits. The vitamin is present in the bar of Watermelon bar and in orange it’s present in its Peel. Let us see that are the fruits and vegetables we should always not keep away from and what are the vitamins in their peel.

We all know that Apple is a fibre wealthy meals however what number of of us know that its peel incorporates extra fibre. Potassium present in the Apple peel is 4 instances greater than which is present in its flesh. It is sweet for the expansion of our bones. Pectin in apple peel cures respiration issues,improves the functioning of lungs and prevents harm of mind cells. The chemical discovered the apple peel is environment friendly to kill most cancers cells. Ursolic acid in apples helps to scale back weight and helps in development.

Mango is a fruit appreciated by individuals in all age teams. Mango peel prevents the secretion of dangerous ldl cholesterol. It you peel of the pores and skin and eat the fruit we is not going to get this vitamin. Carotenoid, polyphenols, omega-3, omega-6 is wealthy in mango peel. If we take with the pores and skin we are able to stop the probabilities of Diabetes, most cancers, Heart Disease. It is alleged that Pectin present in apple can also be present in Mango.

Antioxidants, Fibre, Potassium Vitamin Okay are wealthy in Cucumber peel than which is present in its fleshy half. As cucumber is nutritous in case you take it on a regular basis, you’ll keep younger endlessly.

The peel of potato incorporates Iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B-6, vitamin-c than its fleshy half. If we peeloff the pores and skin and use potato we lose 90 % of iron and 50 % of fibre content material present in potato. So take it with out peeling off the pores and skin.

Watermelon is the fruit which we take throughout summer time season. Citrulline an amino acid present in watermelon has antioxidant property. our physique remodeled it into Arginine amino acid. Arginine assist for the higher functioning of coronary heart and Immunity system. This vitamin is present in the bar of watermelon.As it’s tough to eat watermelon bar we are able to make pickle with it and take.

Orange peel is wealthy in Vitamin-C,Vitamin B6, calcium, potassium, magnesium. It fights towards most cancers, tumours and promoting. Orange peel can be bitter. So we are able to powder it make salad or rasam and take.

An antioxidant named Nasunin is present in Brinjal peel. It fights towards the most cancers which impacts mind and nerves. So it’s higher to take brinjal with is pores and skin.

We noticed that the peel of the vegetables and fruits are nutritious however the right way to clear these. We can clear vegetables and fruits by washing them with water. If you soak vegetables and fruits for half an hour in water added with rock salt the chemical substances and grime can be eliminated.