HealthWellnessMD on a Proactive Approach to Aging and Sexual Health

I really feel very lucky get to discuss to so many medical doctors who’re altering healthcare for the higher. I’m right here with Dr. Maryann Prewitt, a purposeful medication doctor and gynecologist based mostly in Dallas, Texas. You can discover her at She’s going to introduce us to a lot of actually cool anti-aging science and some nice holistic, non-invasive choices for being your finest self at any age.

If you’re feeling your age (or older) or simply need to take a preventative strategy for the longer term, undoubtedly take a look at this episode!

Feel Your Best With HealthWellnessMD

Just as a result of we attain a sure age doesn’t imply we will’t look and really feel wholesome. I really like how Dr. Prewitt focuses on ageing not simply “gracefully,” however proactively.

Rather than resorting to short-term fixes to handle signs, Dr. Prewitt combines the very best of anti-aging medication and pure strategies to nourish and optimize the physique from the within out. Her protocols embrace science-based vitamin, physician-guided fitness, laser medication, thyroid administration, and hormone remedy for the very best sexual, emotional, and bodily health.

This is a super-packed episode with a lot of knowledge, so don’t overlook to take a look at the sources under if you’d like to dive deeper into a few of the issues we discuss.

(A fast heads-up: We will probably be speaking about pure methods to enhance sexual health issues, so use your judgment if you happen to’re listening with youngsters round.)

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • some stunning statistics on hypothyroidism in ladies (that apply to 70-80% of us!)
  • why sexual intimacy shouldn’t be omitted of the physician/affected person dialog
  • the little-known function of testosterone in ladies’s health
  • how solely 20% of physicians understand how to deal with the thyroid
  • which nation ranks 28th in health however spends probably the most on healthcare (you’ll be able to in all probability guess)
  • the brand new science referred to as gerontology and what it’s doing to resolve issues related to ageing
  • a painless and non-invasive therapy for incontinence that truly works
  • why a return to sexual wellness must be a common a part of postpartum care
  • how to rejuvenate the pelvic ground utilizing sound waves
  • the connection between coronary heart illness and erectile dysfunction
  • downsides to pharmaceutical options to ED
  • vaginal rejuvenation options for girls
  • whether or not or not hormone remedy is protected
  • which life-style components and dietary supplements to optimize for hormone stability and thyroid health
  • why you may want to keep away from statin drugs, and what to do as an alternative
  • how to domesticate a wholesome understanding of sexual health (and assist your youngsters to, additionally)
  • and extra!

Resources We Mention

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