How to Be Unlimited & Accept Yourself with Dr. Mark Atkinson

Consider as we speak’s podcast your invitation to “be unlimited”! What does that imply?!

I used to be curious too after I met Dr. Mark Atkinson, internationally-renowned integrative medication doctor, at a convention final yr. His philosophy struck me as one thing all mothers might use, particularly since we’re all looking for methods to unlock our full potential (while decreasing stress and enjoying ourselves along the way!).

Dr. Mark Atkinson and the “Be Unlimited” Course

You don’t have to travel to see Dr. Mark … he affords a life-changing on-line private growth coaching collectively with Bulletproof founder and CEO (as well as Healthy Moms Podcast guest) Dave Asprey.

At the center of Dr. Mark’s “Be Unlimited” course is the concept if we work with our biology and enhance our mind-body connection, we will remodel our habits, improve our vitality, and unlock our full private potential.

If you’re like me and wrestle to find time for self-care, you may hear some severe truths on this episode. It’s not simple to decelerate and have a look inside, so I’m grateful for Dr. Mark’s inspiration and sensible suggestions.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • easy suggestions to silence the interior critic (in only a few phrases)
  • the one factor that may assist enhance physique acceptance immediately
  • how to create household rituals that enhance the household dynamic and create significant connections
  • a easy centering apply that helps improve mindfulness in a couple of seconds
  • how to deal with the darker elements of ourselves that we strive to disguise
  • childhood boundaries we’d want to launch
  • methods to shift from “what can I get from life” to “what can I give”
  • and extra!

Resources We Mention

Learn extra about Dr. Mark Atkinson and the Be Unlimited Course at

Check out Dr. Mark’s Whole Body Acceptance Course right here.

Read Dr. Mark Atkinson’s e book True Happiness: Your Complete Guide to Emotional Health

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