NES Health and Bioenergetics with Harry Massey

153: How Bioenergetics is Changing the Future of Health – With NES Health Founder Harry Massey


Today’s podcast may shock you a bit bit, as a result of we’re diving into an space of health I don’t often discuss. I’ve by no means seemed deeply into bioenergetics or held a lot inventory in so-called energy medicine, however after Harry Massey of NES Health did a scan on my daughter at a convention, I can’t deny there appears to be one thing to it. Not solely might Harry pinpoint what was happening with my daughter, she appeared far more comfy after the scan.

I’m often the primary to be skeptical, however it appears worthwhile to dig into the science and the idea right here. Let me know what you suppose!

NES Health: Changing the Way We Treat the Body

As I discussed, Harry Massey is the co-founder of NES Health, an organization targeted on advancing health care utilizing an integration of physics and biology. After years of analysis, Harry invented the BioEnegetiX WellNES System, which is ready to scan and appropriate the power of what Harry calls the human-body area. He claims he’s helped thousands and thousands of individuals enhance their health via this expertise, and after seeing what he was capable of inform about my daughter’s signs I don’t doubt it!

How does it work? That’s what this podcast solutions in-depth, however briefly, NES Health has developed a tool and a system to measure and enhance power of the human physique, shifting it towards the metrics related with health and shifting it away from chaos related with illness.

On prime of that, Harry has an unimaginable private story about how he fell severely in poor health in his 20s for no obvious purpose and was even bedridden for years — and how the system he finally found received him again on monitor.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • why all life (together with our our bodies) is a big power alternate system
  • what Einstein has to do with bioenergetics
  • how our cells work together with the surroundings round us — for higher or worse
  • expenses present in our organs and why they matter
  • what occurs when our power fields get distorted
  • the facility of feelings and ideas (and why they management all the pieces)
  • infoceuticals: what they’re and why you may wish to take one
  • the connection between childhood trauma and future illness
  • how an MIHealth scan works
  • and extra!

Resources We Mention:

Learn extra about Harry Massey and the sphere of bioenergetics at

Books by Harry Massey

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