Reversing DNA Damage With NanoVi

Rowena Gates is a principal and vice chairman of the Eng3 Corporation, a life science expertise firm addressing health, wellness, and efficiency. She’s additionally a serial entrepreneur which is so inspiring to me personally.

Prior to becoming a member of Eng3, she spent six years because the founder and CEO of Aviarc, an organization that supplied Internet-based options for worldwide commerce. She has a complete checklist of different profitable ventures as effectively. In addition she acquired a doctorate from the University of Washington for her dissertation on worldwide strategic alliances.

As a science geek, I’ve little question I’ll be hanging on each phrase on this interview!

Episode Highlights With Rowena Gates

  • What DNA injury is, the way it happens, and why it’s unavoidable (whats up getting old!)
  • Some methods we will restore DNA injury as quick as potential
  • Why telomeres are within the press these days (and what they’re)
  • The function proteins play within the physique and why they’re essential for DNA
  • Free radicals: why the reactive oxygen species trigger injury & what we will do about it
  • Why too many antioxidants could also be simply as unhealthy as not sufficient
  • How the NanoVi works utilizing ordered water assist tackle irritation, oxidative stress, and DNA injury, and extra
  • The purpose I’m offered on this system (trace: it has to do with top-notch medical research)
  • Who’s utilizing the NanoVi now (I’m on this checklist)
  • NanoVi makes use of for dentistry

Quotables From Rowena

We don’t have a healthcare disaster as a lot as we’ve a health disaster. Solve the health a part of it and the care a part of it goes away.

We are inclined to give attention to what’s improper… however actually what the physique is doing proper is simply superb. It’s fixing all this free radical injury — quadrillions of hits day-after-day — and it does loads of issues proper. [The body’s] capability to make things better is sort of limitless.

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