The Misery of Makeup Pencil Sharpeners…

Say “hello” to the destroyer of each single respectable make-up bag I’ve ever owned, and the poltergeist that haunts the internal pocket of my present mother purse, which, as soon as upon a time, housed six pristine lipstick tubes and an bronchial asthma inhaler.

*waves hello* 👋

Since this make-up pencil sharpener exploded, all the things — and I imply all the things — all of the lipsticks, the inhaler and the liner of that internal pocket — is now smeared with chunks of black eyeliner, glitter and nude lip crayon, and all the things else I ever sharpened on this sharpener for the reason that daybreak of time.

This specific make-up pencil sharpener occurs to be from Make Up For Ever, however ya know…it doesn’t seem to matter what model they’re, as a result of if I’m carrying round a make-up sharpener, relaxation assured! — it’ll explode in my purse.

You may suppose that after all of the years pencil sharpeners have existed, some intrepid makeup-loving inventor on the market would have found a method to enhance upon the seemingly easy know-how, or no less than found out a solution to preserve sharpeners from opening unexpectedly in your make-up bag.

Why, make-up gods, why!? Why hasn’t somebody constructed a greater mousetrap?

makeup pencil sharpener

Oh, certain, I’ve tried workarounds — wrapping them with rubber bands, putting them in a transparent plastic bag BEFORE sticking that bag into my make-up bag. Inevitably, nevertheless, these little bits of liner and crayon find yourself on all the things and in every single place.

I noticed in a single of her movies that Sam from Pixiwoo retains her Urban Decay sharpener (the purple one, which I’ve, and which is excellent, but it surely nonetheless opens…) within the field it got here in to stop it from bursting open, which is GENIUS. But even she mentioned the tactic isn’t foolproof, as a result of hers nonetheless opens.

Shoot, even whereas I’ve been sitting right here typing at my desk with my pencil sharpener beside me, little pencil shavings have fallen out over the previous couple of minutes.


Oh, and does anyone really clear these items? They at all times get so soiled, however even when I attempt to clear the brown or black eyeliner bits from the blade earlier than, say, sharpening a pink lip liner, I nonetheless get darkish bits of liner on all the things.

The distress of make-up pencil sharpeners is one purpose I’m all about “the twist-up life” lately… You know why I really like the Chanel Stylo Yeuxs so much? Yup, as a result of I don’t ever need to sharpen the tip with a sharpener!

I have to know if anybody on the market has ever discovered the mom of all make-up pencil sharpeners, as a result of in case you have, PLEASE do us all a strong and tell us.

Your pleasant neighborhood magnificence addict,


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