3 Shocking Revelations (One of Them Makeup Brush-Related)

Why, sure, I do have a toothpaste 😁 assortment.

1. It’s not a good suggestion to place your foot cream on the identical shelf as your toothpaste.

You’d assume this could be one of these self-preservation issues most individuals would already know, like “Don’t touch a hot stove!” or “Do sniff the communal office carton of milk before you pour some in your coffee,” however noooooo. A couple of nights in the past, as I used to be within the toilet brushing my tooth earlier than mattress, I believed, “Hmm… This toothpaste tastes kinda funny…and why isn’t it foaming up?”

At which level I spotted, “HOLY FREAKING CRAP, I’m brushing my teeth with foot cream.” 😲

Following this, and after rinsing out my mouth for like 20 years, I moved my three tubes of toothpaste to a different shelf…

2. If you place your gown on backwards, you’ll be able to flip it right into a slanket.

And by “backwards,” I don’t imply inside out.

OK, how on earth do I clarify this…? More precisely, how do I clarify how I figured it out? HA HA HA!

Alright, right here it’s: Instead of carrying your gown within the regular fashion, with the half that opens going through the entrance, put it on in order that the open half is within the again, like a hospital robe.

Does that make ANY sense in any respect?

Here’s an image of a slanket, BTW, within the occasion that you simply’ve been residing on one other planet for the previous few years and do not know what I’m speaking about…

Me 24/7

Don’t ask me why this appears hotter to me than carrying a gown the same old means. Maybe it’s as a result of extra materials is masking the legs…? I don’t know, however I undoubtedly haven’t been as chilly as I normally am since I started doing it. To wit, I’m doing it proper now.

PRO TIP: Cut off the tag in your gown to keep away from itchiness!

3. The revamped MAC artificial brushes should not constructed to final.

Earlier this 12 months, MAC revamped their total brush line, changing the pure fibers with artificial bristles, and you already know what? Homegirl is NOT impressed. I’ve been using the new 224S since last May (the “S” stands for artificial, I imagine), and look…

mac 224s and 224 final
224s all through the years

It’s not like I used to be utilizing it to wash motorbike engines. I’ve solely used it a handful of instances, and it’s clearly falling aside. The high quality simply isn’t corresponding to MAC’s older brushes. I’ve an historic 20-year-old MAC 224, and it’s nonetheless going robust. Side be aware: Have I actually been carrying MAC for greater than 20 years? WOWZA!

I’d be extra crabby about this, however an element of me thinks that that is the universe’s means of telling me to get into Chanel brushes now… I’ve a couple of of their dual-ended eye brushes (the Retractable Dual Tip Eye-Contouring Brush and the Retractable Dual-Tip Eyeshadow Brush, and they’re form of amaze-balls).

Your pleasant neighborhood magnificence addict,


P.S. Yesterday I managed to wash the home for firm *and* keep away from a nervous breakdown. Now it’s time to determine what to feed everybody for 14 days.

Got any one-pot meal concepts? PLZ HALP.

P.P.S. You understand how we had been simply speaking about Lisa Eldridge? Well, on November 19 girlfriend is releasing her own small (for now) makeup line containing three lipsticks, and all I’ve to say is WANT!

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