Ceramic Cookware: Pros, Cons, & Best Brands

There’s numerous confusion about protected, pure cookware, partially as a result of it may be onerous to inform the distinction between a protected piece of cookware and a “green-washed” one. When I wished to modify out my non-stick cookware for one thing higher I delved into the analysis to seek out the best cookware options. Ceramic cookware was one of many winners. And once I received just a few items of Xtrema cookware one 12 months for Christmas, I used to be hooked.

What Is Ceramic Cookware?

Ceramic cookware is totally product of ceramic clay that’s formed, dried, fired, and glazed. Ceramic cookware is the most secure possibility I’ve discovered for cookware.

And it is sensible that ceramic could be a sensible choice. For many centuries ceramics have been one of the best, if not solely, approach to cook dinner and retailer meals. Over time different supplies have been used together with steel like iron, copper, and aluminium. Later got here chemical coating like Teflon that promised a non-stick floor.

Ceramics are nonetheless used in spite of everything this time as a result of they’re such a protected (and fairly) possibility. The high quality of ceramics simply retains getting higher, too. The ceramics of centuries (even millennia) in the past have been far more fragile than the ceramics we have now at this time.

Why Choose Ceramic?

Many individuals know the hazards of Teflon-coated non-stick pans. The coating is created from perfluorochemicals (PFCs), which have been proven to be carcinogenic, disrupt hormone balances, and have an effect on fetal improvement. There’s additionally the priority of overheating the pan and by chance killing your pet bird or giving your self a flu-like sickness.

So Teflon’s out. But what about different extra pure cookware like forged iron? Cast iron is actually a better option than Teflon, and if that’s what you’ve gotten and might afford it’s a high-quality selection. There are some downsides to forged iron, although. For one, it could leach iron into the meals (however a type of iron that’s not bioavailable). Avoiding cooking liquids (for lengthy intervals of time) or acidic meals helps keep away from this drawback.

Enameled forged iron may help cut back leaching however could be very costly. Other pure cookware like chrome steel should still leach some steel into meals, so I choose ceramic for the straightforward proven fact that it doesn’t leach something in any respect. Period.

Understanding Ceramic Cookware: Real vs. Fake

As I discussed, there’s numerous confusion on the subject of ceramic cookware. Some corporations coat their steel cookware with a ceramic glaze and name it ceramic cookware. This pretend ceramic doesn’t reduce it. As Rich Bergstrom of Ceramcor talked about in this podcast, these kind of decrease high quality ceramic-coated cookware use glazes which might be chemically derived (learn: stuffed with poisonous chemical compounds) and gained’t last more than just a few years.

I used to be involved at first that ceramic cookware (together with Xtrema) is made in Asia and different locations the place the glaze might comprise lead. Xtrema’s transparency concerning the causes for his or her manufacturing process and testing for lead and other contaminants reassured me that this cookware was the best choice for my household.

If you select to buy a model of ceramic cookware apart from Xtrema, I like to recommend ensuring it’s equally examined.

Pros of Ceramic Cookware

Obviously I like my ceramic cookware and listed here are a number of the causes:

  • Very straightforward to scrub – Because you should use cleaning soap and abrasive cleansing provides like metal wool and baking soda, cleansing these pans is a breeze (a lot simpler than forged iron!).
  • Won’t scratch – Though some ceramic cookware might scratch, Xtrema cookware is so sturdy it’s scratch resistant. You can use steel utensils with out worrying about ruining the pan.
  • Cooks on low warmth – Because it holds onto warmth effectively, there’s no must cook dinner on something greater than medium/excessive.
  • No chemical compounds or heavy metals – Since ceramic is pure there’s no risk of leaching. Xtrema is rigorously tested for high quality and security.
  • Dishwasher protected – Some ceramic might not be capable of go within the dishwasher however Xtrema is 100% dishwasher protected.
  • Oven protected – Great for going from the stove-top to the oven.
  • Stove protected – Can be used on electrical, glass, or fuel stove-top.
  • Fridge/freezer protected – Can even be put into the freezer, avoiding plastic.
  • Resists excessive warmth – Some ceramic might not be capable of face up to extraordinarily excessive warmth, however the Xtrema can face up to being heated to 2500 levels F. No one goes to warmth it that prime, but it surely exhibits that it may be used within the highest warmth conditions with out failing.
  • Better tasting meals – Some say the style of meals cooked in ceramic cookware is best and the meals doesn’t get as dried out.
  • Overall look – It might appear to be a small factor however, ceramic cookware is simply so stunning!
  • Cooks meals evenly – Food cooks on the within in addition to the surface (no extra burnt on the surface/uncooked on the within issues).


I like ceramic however there are a few disadvantages to ceramic cookware. For one, it takes longer to warmth up (however retains warmth very effectively). Also, it’s breakable however may be very sturdy when cared for correctly.

How to Cook With Ceramic Cookware

Ceramic is a pure and protected selection for cookware but it surely comes with a small studying curve. For essentially the most half ceramic can be utilized the identical manner as different cookware. Some of us have discovered that ceramic is way simpler to make use of for issues like scrambled eggs than forged iron or chrome steel. But there may be one massive distinction between ceramic and different cookware.

As I discussed, ceramic cookware takes a couple of minutes to rise up to temperature, in contrast to steel pans that warmth up rapidly. On the flip aspect, it additionally holds onto warmth higher than most different cookware, which suggests you’ll be able to flip off the warmth a couple of minutes early within the cook dinner time and the meals will proceed to cook dinner. This means it takes much less power to cook dinner your meals! (But you’ll want to alter cooking occasions to keep away from over-cooking.

Other suggestions for utilizing ceramic cookware:

  • Don’t put an empty pan on excessive warmth. Add some water first or follow medium warmth.
  • Don’t use a non-stick spray. It could cause build-up on the pan (and isn’t wholesome anyway). Choose a high-heat tolerant fats like coconut oil or avocado oil.
  • Though Xtrema is non-scratch, another model will not be. Using wood spoons over steel may help keep away from scratching.
  • When storing, don’t stack or nest pans (except you’re utilizing a buffer between pans).
  • Use low to medium warmth for many issues. Because ceramic doesn’t require numerous oil, meals will sear at low temperatures.

Bottom Line

Though cooking with ceramic cookware might require some adjustment, it’s the most secure possibility obtainable. Ceramic is gorgeous and sturdy when cared for, and might exchange virtually all of different cookware.

What is your favourite sort of cookware? Would you strive ceramic?

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