How to Stay Healthy While Flying

We are privileged to stay in a time when crossing the world is as simple as hopping on an airplane! What isn’t as simple is determining how to keep wholesome whereas flying. With the tight quarters and recycled air, odds are excessive… you’ll be taking dwelling a memento you may have completed with out.

One of our objectives as a household is to travel as a lot as attainable and I personally travel fairly a bit greater than I used to, so I’ve gathered some methods to keep wholesome throughout travel. With these changes I appear to have a neater time maintaining illness away even when in shut quarters with lots of people on an airplane.

How to Stay Healthy While Flying

There are some shocking methods our health is compromised whereas flying (it’s not just about avoiding germs!), however there are some easy options too.

Toxic Air

Flight attendants and passengers have been complaining about aerotoxic syndrome for years with little acknowledgment from airways. Essentially, the speculation is that the air from engines (contaminated with heated engine oil fumes) enters the cabin and makes some individuals very sick. There have been quite a few accounts of flight attendants getting very sick (and displaying enchancment whereas away from the job).

Symptoms of aerotoxic syndrome embody:

  • complications
  • imaginative and prescient issues
  • respiratory issues
  • muscle aches
  • elevated tiredness
  • lack of focus
  • incapability to focus

While airways have denied the truth of aerotoxic syndrome for years (although there have been quite a few lawsuits), in 2017 British airline EasyJet introduced the addition of specifically designed filters to its aircrafts to cease poisonous fumes from coming into the passenger space. Some imagine this can be a clear admission that air high quality on airplanes want to be higher filtered.

Luckily there are some issues you are able to do to reduce any aerotoxic publicity:

Tip: Get as a lot contemporary air as attainable after your flight. Instead of heading straight to the lodge, go for a stroll outdoors.

Food Choices

While complimentary meals within the air are a factor of the previous, many airways nonetheless provide meals and snacks for a value. But the standard of meals is notoriously unhealthy. It’s heavy on components and preservatives and light-weight on style. Luckily, airways within the US (and plenty of different locations) permit you to take meals on the airplane, so long as you follow some rules. Here are some concepts:

  • Sandwiches, lettuce wraps, or salads
  • Dips, dressings, and many others., solely in containers 3.4 ouncesor smaller
  • Fresh greens and fruits (technically you may carry a butter knife, however I’d simply lower them forward of time)
  • Dried fruit and nuts
  • Granola bars or energy bites
  • Meat sticks and jerky (I like these)
  • Kale chips
  • Seaweed snacks

Tip: You may carry a little bit of ginger in an empty Thermos (and fill with sizzling water at an airport vendor) for movement illness.

Pathogens on Airplanes

It in all probability goes with out saying that airplanes are stuffed with pathogens. Flight crews solely have a couple of minutes between flights and concentrate on choosing up massive trash and noticeable spills somewhat than doing a radical cleansing. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) doesn’t regulate or examine cleansing both. Blankets and pillows are folded up and put away for the following passenger. Bathrooms aren’t totally cleaned between flights. Tray tables are thought to be the dirtiest place (many households use them for diaper adjustments!).

Also, when there’s a sick passenger onboard the individuals surrounding him are in peril of contracting germs. One study found that the window seat was the perfect place to sit as a result of you’ve the least contact with different individuals.

If you may’t decide your seat or in the event you’re flying as a household and somebody have to be on the aisle, listed here are some issues you are able to do to keep wholesome:

  • Prep your (and your loved ones’s) immune system beforehand by getting sufficient sleep, healthy food, exercise, vitamin D, and water.
  • Use your Thermos and sizzling water from an airport vendor to make an immune-boosting sizzling tea like echinacea.
  • Bring natural hand sanitizer or disinfecting wipes to clear your space.
  • Bring your individual neck pillow and a jacket to put on in the event you get chilly.
  • Wash your arms typically.

Additionally, it’s your decision to contemplate fasting on the journey. It’s thought that fasting (at the very least on shorter journeys) might assist keep away from sickness by not making the physique concentrate on digestion (and will assist with jet-lag too).

Avoid Water Onboard

I discussed earlier that you need to get water from an airport vendor earlier than boarding the airplane. The purpose is that the water just isn’t essentially protected.

A random sampling of aircrafts in 2004 discovered E.coli within the water. Since then the EPA set the Aircraft Drinking Water Rule with extra stringent disinfection and inspection laws.

However, a sampling in 2013 confirmed water contamination was nonetheless an issue.

Bottom line: Stay away from faucet water on a airplane and drink bottled water or water you get from the airport as a substitute.


This one is controversial, however airport scanners use backscatter expertise, which tasks an X-ray beam onto your physique. This ionizing radiation is a recognized cumulative health hazard that will trigger most cancers or different DNA harm. Many research have discovered that X-rays and different ionizing radiation are one reason for human most cancers. Additionally, flying brings us nearer to the solar (one of many greatest sources of radiation) the place the environment is much less protecting, so it makes radiation ranges on the physique increased.

What to do:

  • Load up on antioxidants – Antioxidants can counteract the consequences of radiation. Fruits and greens are good sources of antioxidants. When you’re touring although, propolis spray is a handy approach to get further antioxidants.
  • Take a detox tub once you attain your vacation spot – A sea salt and baking soda tub is believed to be useful in lowering the consequences of radiation on the physique. I use this recipe.
  • Fly at evening (or outdoors the 9-5 timeframe) – Since the solar is a serious supply of radiation, selecting flights when the solar is decrease or away might help scale back the radiation publicity.

Additionally, eating a nutritious diet and residing a wholesome life-style may also assist shield and heal the physique.

The Bottom Line on Staying Healthy While Flying

The health points related to flying can appear all-encompassing, however there are some fundamental wholesome residing ways that may assist keep away from most of them:

  • Use good hygiene (wash arms and something round you!).
  • Eat a nutritious diet (with plenty of antioxidants) and life-style.
  • Detox after the flight,
  • Don’t drink the onboard water (however keep hydrated).
  • Bring wholesome snacks on the airplane.
  • Get adequate sleep earlier than the flight.

If you keep on with these tips, you’ll be more likely to benefit from the perks of travel in good health!

What do you do to keep wholesome whereas flying?


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