Someone Is (Illegally) Using My Name and Likeness to Contact Beauty Companies and Solicit Free PR Products

PR buddies, contacts and expensive readers,

Someone is utilizing my identify and likeness so as to acquire free PR merchandise (and who is aware of what else?).

This seems to have been taking place since March of 2018 (!).

I apologize for any confusion this may occasionally have precipitated. If you’ve corresponded with somebody through the next e-mail handle:

Or, if you happen to’ve despatched, or have been requested to ship, PR assessment merchandise to a mailing handle that features…

San Francisco, CA 94118

That was not me. 🙁

To the person doing this, it is best to know that this constitutes mail fraud, which is a federal offense. Your e-mail handle, San Francisco mailing handle, and different pertinent particulars have been supplied to legislation enforcement.

Also, that is so not cool. Shame on you.

— Karen

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